Bumblebee Room

Bumblebee Room

2 years 8 months to Primary School age


The Bumblebee Room is a play-based environment which also incorporates elements of the Montessori method of education.The themes are both adult and child led and linked with the themes of Aistear. A typical day in the Bumblebee Room includes circle time, where the children learn songs, talk about themes and participate in group discussions.


Skills That Children Will Learn

The children also have ‘work time’. These work activities aid their different aspects of development. Other activities include messy play, arts and crafts, construction and garden time and lots more. The environment within the Bumblebee Room is set out to promote independence and creativity.

Learning through play

The afternoon is based around play. Children are encouraged to make decisions and choose activities for themselves. They are given the opportunity to participate, investigative science, table top activities, music and imaginative play, with a quiet area provided for reading and relaxing.