Dragonfly Room

Dragonfly Room

2 Yrs 8 Mths to Primary School


The Dragonfly Room follows a play-based curriculum, each child is given the time to explore, make choices and engage in a range of age appropriate activities. This is done at their own pace in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.


Skills That Children Will Learn

The room is set up with different interest areas for the children to play in, for example, the home corner, table top and construction. The morning consists of both adult and child led activities. These can be both indoors and outdoors. Learning through play promotes development of social, emotional and physical development and encourages independence and confidence.

Dragonfly Room

Our curriculum is designed to help your child gain self confidence and self esteem. It enhances children’s social, language, emotional and physical skills which also encourages children to develop with the staffs help by extending their learning.